Saturday, April 5, 2008

cougar girl

ok... this is the first entry so i really should intro you to the folks who make up my world but i've gotta get something off my chest. i'm feeling uber trashy today after 4-hours sleep and a night of partying at blonde on the rocks. for those of you who aren't down with melbourne's ya-ya sisterhood... blonde is one of melbourne's monthly lady-lover parties (definitely not my fave... generally boring housey music / pretty conservative southside type dykes / the inescapable waft of hair product / occasional burlesque act, etc.)... but that's where the crew was at.

anyways, somehow (i can't really remember how or why... actually i do know how and why) i found myself pashing on with this girl who looked like the cougar girl... you know, the blonde/booby one from the ad? i know a bunch of folks would think H-O-T but that's so not my style. i go for indie girls, arty girls, pretty/tough girls, sarcastic/smart/smart-arse girls... not COUGAR girls! not blonde straight-boy fantasy girls with fishnets and miniskirts and cleavage and... and so we made-out and groped in public and against a wall (classy) and in the little dark corridor that connects the dance floor to the smoking bit. t-r-a-s-h-b-a-g. one minute i'm talking to my mates and the next minute i'm sucking face with a girl whose name i mucked up three times (abby/gabby/jabby?)... and i said sorry and then she pulled me in for the tongue pash. and so i went with the flow... on the dancefloor... with the blonde at blonde on the rocks.

and so kissing is fun and that's all i was up for but she wanted to go home (as in not alone) and i just wanted to hang with my homos and then i felt uncomfortable and wanted to rewind... and then i snuck away and found my friends in the smoking area and was so relieved... but then cougar found me again and pounced.

thankfully my mates did some good sheparding (FYI... there was also footy playing on a tv out the back) and i felt a little safer. but then when we were all leaving she wanted to come and i said very clearly and politely "i just want to hang out with my mates" but she didn't listen. she just clawed me and followed us to the next bar!!! at this point i was not at my party-peak and wanted to go home but i was afraid she'd follow. thankfully my awesome buddies did the fake girlfriend trick and put their arms around me... but i think she called their bluff because i couldn't have that many girlfriends.

anyways... it is now 4:39pm on saturday and i have to head to my nan's retirement village for dinner. it's in box hill and they eat early.

if you're wondering... i did escape... with a good buddy and a good debrief. but it wasn't easy.


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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! It is your anonymous commenter back again to tell you that I too, know the girl you're talking about. actually I have a running joke with my housemate about her. we call her the cougar girl too and have spent many a moment in the backyard discussing whether she knows that she kind of looks a lot like a stripper.